Hør nå godt nytt - the Christmas CD

(The title translates to 'hear the good news' and refers to a traditional Norwegian hymn which is found on the first track)

My wife Kristin and I are both singers, and we recorded this Christmas CD back in 1997. Feel free to download the sound files for your enjoyment.

  1. Hør nå godt nytt (P.Dass/trad.)
  2. O helga natt (A.Kock/A.Adams, arr. Per Kolstad)
  3. The little road to Bethlehem (M.Rose/M.Head)
  4. Maria vaggsång (M.Boelitz, o:Sven Nyblom/M.Reger)
  5. Mitt hjerte alltid vanker (H.A.Brorson/trad., arr:Iver Kleive)
  6. Saligheten er oss nær (H.A.Brorson/trad.)
  7. The Birds (H.Belloc/B.Britten)
  8. Den store stjerna (T.Hoff/S.Gundersen)
  9. Sound the trumpet (H.Purcell)
  10. Min Jesus i fryd, min Jesus i fred (E.A.Wyller/J.S.Bach)
  11. Blessed be that name Mary (G.R.Woodward/trad.)
  12. Jeg kommer til din krybbe her (anon./J.S.Bach)
  13. How beautiful are the feet (Isa.52.7/G.F.Händel)